Guide – How To Properly Take Care Of Your Recliner

All of our furniture has to be cleaned from time to time. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it is going to get dirty from daily use. The way that you clean it will vary highly upon what your recliner is made of. Different materials will need to be handled individually, even on the same recliner. So now journey we will journey into the multiple layers of your recliner so that you can see exactly how to take care of your recliner. The better it is maintained, the longer it will last. It is an investment of not only your time but also of the money you invest into cleaning supplies.

Where To Begin?

You may look at your recliner and think that it is going to take a massive effort to clean. However, there is really nothing to getting it done the right way. If your gears are sticking, squeaking, or your recliner is getting hard to recline, there is a good chance it just needs to be good cleaned really good. Dust can build up. If you accidentally spilled something in your chair, it is likely that the liquid went down into the gears through the seat and caused some stickiness.

The first thing you want to do is turn it on its end. This is give you access to the gears and feet. You can use a can of compressed air to blow off any dust. You can also use some gear oil to lubricate the gears and get it moving again. A warm wet wash cloth with a little bit of dish soap will also remove the sticky and keep it clean.

The warning here is that water can and will cause rust. If you are going to clean it with a wet cloth, make sure that you dry it thoroughly and completely.

The Next Step

When you flip it back over, you will probably notice that there is debris caught in the inside. This is especially true if you eat in your recliner. This is really easy to get to with the hose of a vacuum. All you really need is the long skinny attachment. Just run it on the inside creases along where the seat meets the base. It will get all the crumbs out quickly. If you have a beloved pet that likes to sit in your seat, you may even find some hidden toys. Of course, if you have removable cushions, you can remove the cushions and run the vacuum around the edges on the inside of your recliner. It makes it really easy to clean it quickly.

Cleaning The Upholstery

You may from time to time spill your drink on it. It may just get dirty from regular use, or your furry baby may tend to cuddle with you on it. Cleaning the upholstery is something that you need to do on a regular basis. The first thing to do is to run a vacuum hose along it to get rid of any loose dirt, pet fur, or crumbs.

After you have removed the loose debris, you will want to get a warm wet wash cloth and wipe it down. In most cases, water is all you need to clean it. If you find that you need something just a little stronger to get a spot, dish soap will usually suffice. Be careful when choosing to use any upholstery cleaner. Most are too strong and will dye fabric, leave bleach spots, or otherwise discolor your furniture. Test any cleaner that you want to use of the underside of the chair in a spot that is not seen. Wait twenty-four hours before going on to use it.

The key to cleaning the upholstery is to not soak it. Get it wet enough to remove the spot. Otherwise you will cause it to mold or mildew.

How To Clean The Accents

If your recliner has wood, metal, or plastic parts, they will need to be cleaned regularly. Once again, a wet wash cloth will probably be enough to clean it. If you have cup holders, you may need a little bit of dish soap, but it isn’t very likely. Usually the dust that collects here is easy to wipe off.

Any time that you are sick, you will want to make sure that you wipe down the handle that recliners your chair to kill germs. You can spray it with disinfected. This is just one place that germs can build up. It is also easy to prevent it from happening.

How Often You Need To Clean Your Recliner

For the most part, unless you have an accident, you don’t need to clean your recliner very often. Once a month will keep the gears running smoothly. Vacuuming it once a week will keep it crumb free. Wipe down the upholstery as needed. Clean out the cup holder daily. If you happen to spill your drink, or get a leaky cup, in your cup holder it can be hard to get the liquid out. If you don’t have a removable cup holder, you can try to soak up the liquid with a paper towel or dry wash cloth. If that doesn’t work, you could get a turkey baster and suck the liquid out. After all the liquid is removed, you will want to use a wet wash cloth to remove the sticky residue that is left behind.

As you can see, it is easy to care for your recliner. As long as you maintain it regularly, you will find that your recliner will be a part of your décor for many years to come. Recliners are often loved and passed down through the generations because it is comfortable. You will be hard pressed to find another piece of furniture that is as loved, as comfortable, and as fought over as a recliner. It is a very good thing that a recliner is so easy to care for.

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