Reclining Loveseats Buying Guide


Recently, there was a very interesting article in Forbes about micro apartments that spoke about the utility of loveseats in space-saving furniture concepts. As if this unique furniture piece wasn’t versatile enough, they have bettered the design and created reclining loveseats, that clubs the comfort of a recliner with the design of a loveseat.


The term ‘loveseat’ is a misnomer according to us. It evokes pictures of two people entwined in each other’s arms on a tiny chair, blissfully unaware of time or the surroundings. This dainty little furniture piece deserves so much more than being labeled a cupid-designed seating surface.


Club it with a sofa and it becomes one single cohesive seating unit that can be the perfect place to kickback with a drink after a weary day at work. And hey, it reclines too.

But loveseat it is for now.  And that’s how it shall be for time immemorial as they say.

reclining loveseat

Nevertheless, if you are looking to make the most out of a tiny living space that was not blessed with the luxury of a McMansion, then reclining loveseats are your best bet. They can easily seat two people making them perfect for empty nesters, they can be matched to become an extension of your larger sofa in man caves, they are comfy enough to stand out on their own in a room and most importantly, they are incredibly comfortable to sit on.

Err… and when you are love struck with fluttery eyes and a racing heart, you know just where to head.

If this is the first time you are venturing into loveseat turf for shopping, then we have mapped out some of the features that can help you make your purchase.

How to chose the Best Loveseat according to your needs

Unlike the authentic Victorian era loveseat, the modern day loveseat has undergone a few iterations that have transformed it to suit contemporary design concepts and seating requirements. For example, a loveseat is no longer designed in a way that you have to sit facing each other. It can be very similar to a sofa, only slightly smaller.

Here is a table to help you pick reclining loveseats according to your need!

CategoryOur RecommendationRatings
Best Value for Money Reclining LoveseatCLASSIC DOUBLE RECLINERLOVESEATS BY DIVANO 4.5/5 Stars
Most Comfortable Reclining LoveseatHOMELEGANCE DOUBLE RECLINING LOVESEATS4.5/5 Stars
Best Reclining Loveseat for GamingSAMARA TRANSITIONAL LOVESEAT4/5 Stars
Best Reclining Loveseat for Living Room BENCHCRAFT QUARTERBACK 79″ DOUBLE RECLINER4/5 Stars


But with the market teeming with choices, making a selection can be nothing short of daunting. Here are a few factors to consider while making a choice.

Size: The first and most important thing is the size. A standard sized reclining loveseat is designed to seat two people and will be approximately 60 inches in length. There are smaller and bigger ones too. But this is a yardstick to go by while you shop. You’d want to ensure that you can spare at least 60 inches x 38 inches in your room where you intend to place it.

Design: Recliner loveseats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The sky is the limit when it comes to design. The conventional ones are right at the cusp of a sofa and a recliner. But there are ample choices including reclining loveseats with console and double recliner loveseats. Unless you have very specific requirements, a loveseat with plush padding, spacious armrests and good lumbar support is a great choice.

Frame: Solid wood continues to be the most desired choice for a recliner’s frame. But due to the influx of low quality Chinese fir into the market, metal is now considered to be an equally durable option. Some loveseats club metal with hardwood for added durability which makes them almost impervious to wear and tear.

Upholstery: Upholstery choices are usually defined by the rest of the décor theme. The most popular choice is leather because it is universally compatible with almost any type of furniture concept. But some people find a leather loveseat recliner too maintenance heavy and opt for faux leather instead, which has the same appearance but is ridiculously easy to maintain. Nylon and polyester fabric are also quite popular.

That sums up what you need to consider before buying.

Still confused? You are not alone. A lot of first time buyers are at their wits end despite being aware of what to look for in a reclining loveseat. To make things easier, we have picked the five best reclining loveseats in the market currently. Along with some of the above mentioned features, we have also analyzed their average customer rating and general chatter about their quality on consumer forums and communities.

Last but not the least; we have segregated them according to one defining feature that best describes it. Trust me, you will get the gist.

1) Classic Double Recliner

Looking for a loveseat recliner that doesn’t blow a hole in your wallet? This double recliner loveseats from Divano Roma Furniture is right up your alley. Styled like the classic Italian recliner, this plush and comfy recliner for two will blend right into your living room or office or your entertainment room.

Boasting of an all-metal frame, it is durable and solid. But it is surprisingly light and has an on-rails design that makes it easy to move around the house if need be.

The upholstery is overstuffed with high density foam which provides the ultimate comfort irrespective of whether you want to sit up right or cuddle up with a book and a cushion. Also, Divano Roma has designed it with seats and a backrest that is wider than conventional loveseats.

The reclining mechanism is controlled by an easily accessible lever and it reclines all the way back at a perfect angle for relaxation.

Best features

  • Classic styling
  • Plush and comfortable loveseat
  • Easily accessible reclining lever
  • Minimal assembly
  • Bonded leather upholstery

Customer feedback: Positive! Customers are raving about the durability and the quality of the frame. The upholstery does not tear or rip with time and the loveseat is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Divano Roma have also received a thumbs up for their great customer support.

Buy Classic Double Recliner today!

Verdict: Unbeatable value for money! This can very easily be mistaken for a $1000 recliner love seat. You cannot go wrong with this.

2) Homelegance 9700FCP-2 Double Recliner Loveseats

We first saw the Homelegance 9700FCP-2 approximately six years ago in a magazine. The fact that it still outsells a lot of other higher priced models is testimony to the quality and the comfort that this double recliner has.

You can pick from three different fabric choices for the upholstery. There’s black and brown faux leather and a faux-leather and microfiber option, which is the best among all of them. You can also choose a mechanical/manual reclining option or an electrically powered one.

The loveseat itself is super-comfortable. The cushions with the overstuffed padding on the armrests, back and the seat provide optimum support to the back. It can recline all the way until flat and the reclining lever is positioned on the sides for easy access. You can also recline each seat individually if need be.

At 62″ L x 39″ W x 40″H, it is just the right size to fit into even the tiniest of living rooms. The plush seating also make it a great choice for a TV room or an entertainment studio. The clean lines and accentuated curves are reminiscent of the classic sofas of the 60s and there’s nothing like some retro to infuse some style into home décor.

Best features

  • Super comfortable
  • Oversized padding on armrests and back
  • Plush sized
  • Multiple upholstery and fabric choices
  • Easy lever mechanism for reclining

Customer Feedback: Positive! Customers love the easy assembly, the svelte looks and the durability. The ratings have remained consistent for years now.

Buy Homelegance 9700FCP-2 Recliner Loveseat Today!

Verdict: This double recliner from Home Elegance will definitely your go-to chair at home for rest, leisure or relaxation.

3) Samara Transitional Loveseat with Storage Console and Cup Holders

Be it a micro apartment or a man cave, it is incomplete without a comfortable seating surface for gaming and entertainment. With an in-built storage console and cup holders this dual reclining loveseat from Samara is just perfect for entertaining or just lounging around on a lazy day.

Constructed from heavy duty steel in a rail system that is further reinforced with hardwood, the Samara Loveseat is built like a tank. You can be rest assured that this will outlast most other furniture pieces without the frame getting bent or the cushion sagging.

The cushion provides the right amount of softness thanks to the individually pocketed coils covered by foam. Neither is it too hard nor does it sink too much which allows you to get up from the recliner in a jiffy.

A leather-like fabric that is extremely easy to maintain completes the sophisticated and stylish look that will grab eyeballs no matter where you keep this.

We were a tad surprised because the storage console and the cup holders get a lot of attention on online portals whenever the Samara recliner is mentioned. That of course, is one of the best features. You can easily store your remote control or gaming joysticks in it ensuring that its not misplaced. But make no mistake, this is a very good quality recliner loveseat that has a manual-reclining lever and eases into a lounging position.

Even if you have limited clearance from the wall, you can still place it next to it.

Best Features

  • Dual recliner loveseat with manual reclining lever
  • Extra plush cushions with high density foam and individual spring coils
  • Leather like fabric that is low on maintenance
  • Heavy-duty steel rail with hardwood frame
  • In-built storage console
  • Padded armrests

Customer Feedback: Positive! This dual recliner loveseat is a new entrant on most online retail portals. But customers who have bought it from stores love the hardwood-stainless frame and the stability it brings. The easy reclining action and the roomy storage console have also received a lot of positive votes.

Buy Samara Transitional  Loveseat Today!

Verdict: With most similar recliner sofas and loveseats priced in the mid one thousands, this dual reclining loveseat from Samara is an absolute steal. It is roomy, comfortable and one of the sturdiest one that we have seen.

4) Benchcraft Quarterback 79″ Double Recliner

Our initial #4 pick was the Serta RTA Palisades Collection 61” Loveseat in Flagstone Beige. But in the last few months, the quality of the product seems to have dipped considerably and there is a lot of negative feedback about it on user groups. So, we have swapped it and picked the Benchcraft Quarterback 3270194 79″ Double Reclining Loveseat instead, which has a near 100% positive feedback.

This is a perfect reclining loveseat for a couple and features a storage console with cup-holders. You can ensure that you won’t spill your drinks while watching TV or in the excitement of a game. Even if you do accidentally spill your drinks or crumbs, the soft faux leather does not get stained. All it takes is a wipe down with a towel to clean it.

The upholstery is soft and comfortable and it has an easy reclining action that can be activated at the touch of a simple discreet lever. The plush padded back and armrests with natural curves make it a treat to sit on this recliner.

At 75” in length and 39″ in Width, this can very easily be used as your main living room sofa too. The Canyon color finish blends in easily with most décor themes and the classic Italian design with hints of contemporary styling will enhance your living space.

Best Features

  • Large sized double reclining loveseat
  • Classic Italian styling
  • Storage console with cup holders
  • Plush padded armrests and back
  • Discreet recliner lever
  • All-metal frame

Customer feedback: Excellent! Customers love the style, ease of cleaning and the comfort of the recliner. It has a flawless customer rating on most online retail portals.

Buy Benchcraft Quarterback 79″ Double Recliner Today!

Verdict: The Benchcraft Quarterback3270194 79″ Double Recliner is a great addition to any living space. It is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

5) Monarch Specialties I 81Iv 2 Ivory Bonded Leather Loveseats

We couldn’t help but fall in love with this stunningly beautiful reclining love seat ivory bonded leather from Monarch specialties. If you were looking for a loveseat that retains the traditional design, then here’s what you need. This is a quintessential loveseat for couples. It has no armrests in between the two seats and each seat reclines individually for comfort.

If you would like to use it as two separate reclining chairs instead, then all that you need to do is unclip a metal bracket and presto, you have two separate chairs instead. When the bracket is clipped together, the chairs become one single cohesive unit which can even recline together.

The ivory bonded leather looks fabulous. But you also have two other color choices in brown and black.

The cushion with its pocket-coil, generous padding and easy reclining action provides ample lumbar support making it perfect for a home theater room, living room or an RV. The styling is immaculate and pleasing to the eyes with clean lines, pillow top arms and a stitch detailing.

Best features

  • Super stylish reclining loveseats
  • Can be separated into two reclining chairs
  • Bonded leather in ivory
  • Beautiful design
  • Reclines all the way with leg extensions for comfort
  • Plush padded armrests, back and cushions
  • Pillow top arms and stitch detailing

Customer feedback: Top notch! Customers can’t stop raving about the practical design that lets them separate or club the chairs according to the need. Also, the beautiful bonded leather upholstery gets the most up votes.

Buy Monarch Specialties Leather Loveseat Today!

Verdict: Cuddle up with your partner or just laze around alone on this beautiful reclining chair from Monarch specialties. The practical and functional design make it a great choice for homes of all sizes.


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