Double Recliners Buying Guide – 2017

Introduction to Double Recliners

Double recliners are widely used for a variety of purposes.  A good recliner can make a huge difference.  If you are suffering from chronic back pain or you would just like to enjoy the pleasure of relaxation with your friends and family, then it would surely be your last resort.

It provides utmost satisfaction that will surely indulge your senses.  Wouldn’t it be great to find yourself relaxing after a long week of work?  Well, give yourself a favor.  Get a good double recliner for you and your family.


This article will provide you the best double recliners in the market.  There are a lot of choices for you.  If you are considering buying furniture like this, then this article will be a good read for you.

Best Double Recliners

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa


Homelegance has created another remarkable product which received 4.0 stars out of 5 from user reviews.  You will love this sofa because of its elegant finish.  It is made from genuine and authentic leather which is guaranteed to give you the relaxation you are looking for.  This reclining sofa is available in black and brown colors.

Another feature that makes it really sellable is its durability.  This product is ensured to have a long life because it is protected from premature wearing.  The authentic leather is also highly durable, and it will take a long time to be damaged from frequent use.

The interior of this recliner is made from bi-cast vinyl interior, making it very resilient.  You will surely love sitting on it because of the comfortable overstuffed arms and cushion.  Your body will surely be relaxed because of its soft texture.

The padding of this Homelegance double reclining sofa is made from high-density foam.  This foam is a type of polyurethane that is compacted together.  This is the reason why it makes a really soft and comfortable padding for sofas.  Another advantage of a polyurethane material is its ability to maintain its regular shape.

The contours of this reclining sofa are also really defined, making it elegant-looking.  The foam can support the structure so it is not prone to distortion even if pressure is applied.  It also helps you avoid strain on your neck and head.  This cushioning effect makes it possible for you to have a comfortable sleeping and sitting position.

Some people who have suffered back pains are able to make use of this product as a supportive therapy.  You will surely wake up feeling refreshed and better.

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This recliner received a remarkable rating of 4.0 stars out of 5.  Its durability is worth commending.  Consumers are also very happy with their sleeping and resting experience with this sofa. If you are looking for ultimate comfort, then check out Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa.

Homelegance 9668BRW Double Recliner


In the field of double recliners, Homelegance is known to contribute a wide range of models.  The Homelegance 9668BRW-3 is another reclining seat that is known for its high-quality leather make-up.  The aesthetic look of this reclining seat is perfect for luxurious movie-watching and other recreational activities.

This seat is made from bonded leather upholstery known for its durability and toughness.  Aside from this, the back also reclines depending on your preferred orientation.  This makes it possible for you to recline it to your most comfortable position and angle.

Due to its good quality, it has received an outstanding rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from user reviews.  You can choose from a black color or brown color.  In order to complete your setting configuration, the 9668BRW-3 is available in chair and loveseat as well.

Another feature that you will surely love in this recliner is its lever action double reclining that promises easy handling and operation.  It is very easy to operate without hassle.  Simplicity is always the key feature when it comes to controls and functions.

Buy Homelegance 9668BRW-3 Sofa Today!

The Homelegance 9668BRW-3 was awarded with a remarkable 4.4 stars out of 5 by the users.  The channel tufted design is the main highlight of this recliner. Users find it very comfortable to use.  Some even used it as a supportive treatment for their minor body aches especially when it comes to their back pains.

If you are searching for a recliner sofa that will give you premium experience, Homelegance 9668BRW-3 is the right fit for your need.  You will surely get the value of your money with this product.

Divano Classic Double Reclining Sofa

If you are searching for a classic black reclining sofa, then the Divano Double Reclining Sofa is suited for you.  This sofa features bonded leather and a really defined frame.  The arms and cushion are overstuffed to give comfort to the one sitting on it.

This sofa is made with professionalism and perfection.  The aesthetic look of this furniture is very competitive compared to other double recliners in the market.  One of its edges would be its professional look.  You will also like the lever-reclining mechanism of this sofa.  It is very easy to use and very simple to recline.

The double bonded upholstery is the reason why it is not prone to rips and other minor damages.  It is durable enough to withstand tears from sharp objects.  You will be ensured that this sofa can be used for an extended time unlike other ordinary recliner sofas in the market.  The maker of this double recliner makes sure that the upholstery will be strong enough to support the weight of those who will sit on it.

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If you are looking for a double reclining sofa with a touch of elegance and professionalism, then you should avail the Divano Classic Double Reclining sofa.  It will give you a wonderful resting and sleeping experience.  Everyone can benefit from its super soft and comfortable cushion.  It is time to pamper yourself with the pleasure and relaxation that you deserve.

Coaster 601741P Power Sofa

The Coaster 601741P is considered as one of the best double recliners in the market.  This sofa is highly endorsed by many users because of its good quality and style.  It has remained competitive in terms of affordability as well.  You can get the value of your money with this functional recliner.  This is the reason why this is sought after in the market.

This is perfect for people who are looking to indulge in relaxation without leaving the comfort of their homes.  The Coaster 601741P is versatile enough to be used as a relaxing gear and as a supportive therapy as well.  This is perfect for everyday use and as a result, you will notice that your well-being will be improved from each use.

The Coaster 601741P is made from quality grain leather which makes it higher in value.  People will surely love sitting on these because of the comfort the low-profile arm could give.  It gives full support to the body while letting you experience comfort.  Whether you are young or old, you can benefit from the many features of this one-of-a-kind reclining sofa.

When you get this sofa, you get to have a number of smart features like the cup holders and the power headrests.  The power headrest gives you the best position to rest your head.  This is perfect if you recently experienced chronic neck pain.  This sofa can be a perfect companion for you during your recovery.

The Coaster 601741 also has additional features that will surely entice you. There are hidden LED lights as well as a USB portal in Coaster 601741.  These features are advanced in its league.  The LED lights are used for notifications and reminders.  It is also used together with the controls of this recliner.  Indeed, this recliner should be included in your list if you are considering getting one for private use.

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The Coaster 601741 received 4.0 stars out of 5 from most of the customers.  They are very satisfied with the advanced features of this double reclining sofa.  They also find the controls to be unique and functional.  Many people recommend this for family and business use.

Roundhill Furniture Kmax Reclining Sofa


The Kmax is created by Roundhill Furniture. You will love the elegant brown color of this sofa because it gives a classy look.  Its unique look makes it famous in the market.  It has a two-toned bonded leather upholstery with utmost durability.  That’s not all! If you avail this, you get to have a console loveseat together with a console sofa.  This is because this sofa is convertible into a loveseat.  What more can you ask for?

Roundhill created this double reclining sofa using extra strong bonded leather.  You will also be relieved to know that the frame is sturdy enough to support up to two adults without getting distorted.  This is perfect for frequent use.  You never have to worry that it will wear out easily.

Another great feature that is worth commending is the built-in console.  This lets you perform different functions for your reclining sofa and loveseat.  Aside from this, the middle back can be customized according to your preference.  Kmax measures 72 x 39 x 41 inches.  This design is perfect for home use since the size is not that bulky.

It is interesting to know that both the sofa and the loveseat have dual reclining mechanism.  This feature gives it a competitive edge among other brands in the market.  Double reclining mechanism gives ultimate comfort to the user.  You have maximum control over the sofa with this feature.  The adjustability feature of Kmax is indeed remarkable.

Buy Roundhill Furniture Dual Reclining Sofa Today!

Due to its distinct features and other great functions, users gave it 3.8 stars out of 5.  Majority of the users praised it for its durability and comfort.  They are satisfied with their experience with Kmax.  There are many double reclining sofas and couches in the market, and Kmax will always have a place with the best.

How to Choose the Best Double Recliners

Double recliners are indeed popular in the market.  They have been around since the 1900s.  People accepted this concept of couches and sofas because of the comfort they provide.  They experienced a new level of relaxation though these double recliners.  Nowadays, there are many recliners that emerged in the market.  You can choose the best one based on your needs.

The reason why double recliners are very famous is because of the comfort of lounging you can get from it.  No other sofas and coaches can give the same level relaxation.  With just one press of a button, you can already have a great resting experience.  You can’t get that from normal sofas.

You need to know how to choose the best double recliner.  In this sense, you will not regret your purchase.  You need to apply this buying guide and know the best kind of double recliner that fits your needs.  It is also recommended to choose a recliner that will go with the style of your furniture.

Power Recliner

double reclinersYou need to know which chair or couch is the right for you.  Power recliners make use of motors for it to operate.  This also makes it possible to adjust the chair in different positions based from your preference.  A release lever is used to guide the movement of your body as well as your weight.

This is best recommended for people who need supportive therapy for their physical ailment.  Some power recliners make it possible for the headrest and the footrest to be set in different positions.  It makes it really versatile and comfortable to use especially by people who have a difficulty in standing up.

Quality of Recliner Upholstery

In choosing the best double recliner, you need to consider the quality of the upholstery.  Choose the one that can stand wear for an extended period of time.  It is recommended to buy genuine leather because it is time-tested already.  However, if you are in tight budget leather substitutes are suggested.

They are also available in different colors that will surely match your needs.  You can opt for a wool type recliner because they also offer durability and resilience.  Microfiber is best for stains because it can be treated with anti-stain chemicals without damaging the material.

Frames of the Recliner

The frame is an important part of the recliner.  If you want to invest in a really good recliner for long term use, choose a recliner that has a durable and sturdy frame that can withstand weight and stress of the moving parts.  It is recommended to choose frames made from steels and other hard materials.

Maple and birch frames are the best in its league because of their durability.  It can support higher level of heaviness compared to other components.  Moreover, the bolts and screws should be able to withstand long years of use.

Controls of Recliners 

double reclinerIf you are going to choose your own recliner, it is best to choose a multi-featured one that can offer you different controls for your needs.  Some double recliners in the market have a remote control stick.  Of course, they come in higher prices. You also have an option to use a keyboard pad for the controls.

There are recliners with temperature settings that can be used for massage purposes.  There are also controls for the footrest and the headrest.  With all these controls, you can customize and maximize the use of your own recliner.

Ergonomics and Design

Most of the recliners in the market are not only meant for comfort, but for therapy as well.  The ergonomics of the recliners should be considered carefully in order to find the best fit for you.  If you are experiencing physical ailments, it is recommended to choose a recliner that will give precise solution to your concern.

Caring for Your Double Recliners

In order to prolong the life of your furniture, you need know how to care for it appropriately.  Since most of the double recliners are leather-made, it is advisable to keep it away from sunlight to prevent damage on its surface.  Sunlight is not good for leather.

You can clean the sides and hard-to-reach areas using a vacuum.  This is very effective in sucking up small particles from around the corner of the recliner.  Spilled food and drinks should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent stains.  If possible, don’t eat while sitting on your double recliner.

Wiping your recliner with a soft cloth will surely maintain its elegant and classic look.  You cannot avoid dust, but you can always do something about it.  Wiping it with a soft cloth will maintain its good state and aesthetic value.


There are many double reclining sofas in the market and it will be hard to choose the best in a wide array of selections.  It is very important to distinguish your need first before you get your own double recliner.  They are indeed beneficial in providing another level of comfort and relaxation.

If you are looking forward to buying a double recliners, then this article is just for you.  The best in the market are given together with the notable features and specifications.  This article could also serve as your buying guide.

Give yourself a break.  Take time to relax and sit back after a long tiring week.  Feel the comfort of these double recliners and see how it can uplift your senses and provide you the ultimate relaxation you are searching for.

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