4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Recliner In Your Home

We have all been there. We have all had those days where all we need to do is put our feet up and relax. Some of the best naps are taken by the fire on a cold rainy day in our favorite recliner. However, few people realize that owning and using a recliner can have some wonderful benefits. As we explore the benefits of having a recliner you will learn why people allow so much of their budget to get a great one. No matter what the size, style, or even the type that you finally decided to purchase, these are the benefits that you are likely not going to find out about unless you do some research.

1) Your Mental Health

recliner benifitsIt seems as though owning a recliner is going to make you lazy. Of course, one of the many benefits of having a loveseat recliner is that you get to lay back and relax. However, taking that accidental nap in the recliner may be one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Even if you don’t fall asleep, taking ten minutes at the end of the day to stop and put your feet up in a recliner is going to reduce your stress levels. It will also help you to shut off your brain. Lowering your stress level is going to relieve anxiety, depression, and even help you to focus on the positives in a situation.

Another thing about stopping to relax in the recliner is that it will help you to refocus your priorities. The blood flow becomes less constricted which can also help you to think clearly. While a recliner can not take away your problems, one of the benefits of a having a recliner is that it can help you to work through your problems and thereby reduce the amount of stress in your life.

2) Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most uncomfortable times in a woman’s life. Not that it isn’t one of the happiest, it can be pretty hard on the body. The benefits of having a recliner in pregnancy can surpass the benefits of just about any other piece of furniture. Sitting, or napping, with your feet up, can reduce strain on the back and alleviate back pain immensely.

Putting your feet up will also reduce swelling in your feet, ankles, and calves. It can help to alleviate foot pain by increasing the circulation in your legs and feet.

Leaning back in the recliner does more than just relieve aches and pains. It can also help to alleviate heartburn, headaches, and breathing problems. The semi-upright position is often highly recommended by doctors.

Postpartum is also greatly eased by having a recliner. If you have a natural childbirth, a recliner can allow you to relax without putting pressure on sore areas. A c-section site can make it painful to sit because of the muscles that it takes to up yourself upright, but a recliner eases the pain. It can also help to ease in breastfeeding to sit in a semi-upright position but still be supported.

3) Illness

double reclinersWhen you are suffering from an upper respiratory infection, flu, or just a cold it can be hard to get enough rest to allow your body to heal. One benefit of having a recliner is that they are comfortable enough to sleep in while keeping your body at just the right angle to relieve congestion and make it easier for you to breathe.

Resting in your recliner can also help to alleviate the common aches and pains that come with the flu because it releases pressure off certain points of your body. It helps to aid in circulation with alleviates headaches.

Sitting semi-upright, like you do in the recliner, will also help to settle your stomach by decreasing nausea and reducing the stomach acids that tend to make you nauseated.

When your baby is sick, they do not want you to put them down. It can make a long night if you cannot lay them down so that you can rest. If you hold them in the recliner, they can sleep better and still be comforted by having you close.

4) Chronic Diseases

There are many chronic diseases that tend to be uncomfortable or even downright painful. The side effects of these can be alleviated by the benefits of having a recliner. For example, diabetic foot pain is known to be relieved for elevating your feet. Asthma, migraines, joint pain, and back pain can be relieved by the increase in circulation that you get from the way that your body sits in a recliner.


There are many other benefits that come from having a double recliner. The way that you feel affects the choices that you make. The way that you relax affects how your body deals with stress. No matter what your budget is, you can find a recliner that will fit in it. There are many ways that you can incorporate it into your daily life. It is an easier lifestyle change than trying to learn yoga. It is more likely that you can spend ten minutes a day relaxing in your recliner than it is that you will spend ten minutes a day exercising. While it won’t help you to lose weight, it will help you to de-stress which will also allow you to not eat from stress.

There are few items in your home that can boast these types of benefits. Whether you decided to put it in your living space, nursery, or even in your bedroom, you are likely to wonder why it took you so long to get one. So, all you need to do now is look at all the options you have in types of recliners. Go on, go shopping and learn for yourself all the benefits of having a recliner. You will be so glad that you finally did.


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